DMC and Tour Operator

We love what we do and we truly believe we live in the most beautiful country in the world…
At Traveller Boost we design and manage the most inspiring, unforgettable and consistent travels to Portugal. Developed from the best that our country has to offer – exceptional accommodation, incomparable gastronomy and wine, unique landscapes and a more than 800 years old history – the Boost experiences meet the most authentic and genuine of the Portuguese life.


A few years have passed since the first time our founders, Celso Machado and João Farinha, friends for more than 20 years, spoke of their desire to make known to the world the unique and exclusive characteristics of Portugal.
Based on this idea, after many kilometres travelled in amazing landscapes, and after some glasses of good Portuguese wine, this marketing professional and his environmental engineer friend, decided to abandon their jobs in order to create Traveller Boost.
A new concept of traveling in Portugal was born, where tranquility, comfort and detail define a new experience: the Boost experience.

Being recognized for traveling with style and comfort is something that makes us very happy. But for us, above all, it has been a pleasure to share the Portuguese soul.
Celso Machado

Founder and CEO

The will of the Portuguese people to make known their natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage, is an added incentive to continue to provide unforgettable experiences to all those who wish to visit our country.
João Farinha

Founder & Head of Operations